5 Common Printer Problems and How You Can Fix Them

5 Common Printer Problems and How You Can Fix Them

The printing technology has come a long way, from traditional to digitisation. This latest printer technology helps to ease the printing and saves your time, but they need maintenance and proper care too. Sometimes printers also may face prevalent printing problems, and sometimes, critical issues too. In order to fix those common problems, you can further read this article. But for fixing the critical problems, you can give a try to printer repairs at APS Solutions.

Further, in this article, you will know about the common printing problems that you can fix on your own without asking for an expert’s help. Just remember, if you are not able to fix that problem on your own, then it is highly recommended to repair your printer by seeking help from a hardware expert.

  1. Printers Won’t Turn On!

This problem is the most general problem which the users face, and if your printer is facing problems in powering on, then you can look for loose cables and plugs. If your cables or plugs are not loose, then you can check the electrical socket if it is working properly or not.

  1. Papers Usually Jam:

Another critical problem that printers face is jamming of papers in the machine. It happens due to excess of printing or when your papers are not set correctly. To overcome this issue, you need to focus on setting your papers in a proper manner. Also, you need to take care of your printing machine’s maintenance from time to time.  And remember, don’t overfill the paper tray, because if it will, then you will face the same problem again.

  1. Can’t Print From Any Other Device:

If your printer supports BlueTooth connectivity, and if it is not supporting now, then you can try to re-install the printer’s application in your laptop or computer. And if it is not working on your mobile phone, then you can try to check your Bluetooth connectivity. If any solution is not working then you can restart your printer and the device which you need to connect.

  1. Slow Printing Speed:

Many printers usually face this critical problem. This may happen due to more usage of printers without giving proper rest. Also, you can try to update your printer’s printing software. And if your printer supports wifi connectivity, then try to restart your wifi and printer.

  1. Wifi Connection Problem:

Wifi connection problem occurs when your wifi connection is not set up correctly. You can try to reset your wifi’s connection or try to re-install the printer’s software.

There are some more common printing mistakes, but for now, if you are facing the above-mentioned printing problems then try to fix these problems on your own. Apart from all this, if you are facing a more critical problem, then don’t hesitate to visit an expert’s workshop of printer repairing. It is better to fix the problem in starting, because once it becomes a major problem, then you will have no choice other than spending an extreme amount of money or changing your printer.